The Çinili Hamamı was built in 1640 as part of a mosque complex ordered by the Valide Sultan Mahpeyker Kösem, wife of Ahmet I (r. 1604-1617) and mother of Ibrahim I. Kösem Sultan was one of the most powerful women of the Ottoman 17th century and gained unprecedented influence in political decision-making when acting as regent, which she did three times, for her son Murad IV, and her grandson Mehmed IV. She made enemies as well as allies and was murdered in 1651 at the age of around 70.


    It was built as Çinili Mosque, library, police office and hamam. Çinili hamam was made for Çinili Mosque’ s construction workers. The tiles had been stolen by the burglars. But Hamam’ s owners were sticked to its original concept as using blue tiles. Hamam has still its own charm.


    Çinili Hamam has a natural heating system. It’ s heated by a boiler in the middle of two domes using woods for heating. It’ s using approxiamately 1 tons per months in winter and vapour throwing away by the aim of chimneys called ‘ tüfeklik ‘.Çinili Hamam has many differences seperated from the others with its 370 domes.


    In general; when you enter to the hamams a bad smell meets you, but in Çinili you’ re welcomed by an old history with its own elegance.


    The holes at the bottom of the dome provides sun light getting into the Hamam. In hot days; The lanterns is demounted and provided air to get into the intern area.


    Çinili Hamam is ready to welcome you with its own historical smell and mystique ambience.


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